JUNE 3, 2021


Conference FEEDBACK Questionnaire

The Conference will be hosted on MS Teams platform. To join the sessions, please use the links in the following table. (You can join the sessions 30 mins before they start.) CET – Budepest time zone

Plenary sessions 10:00-13:45, 14:30-14:55 CET LINK
Interactive open lessons:
Room 1: Critical thinking 13:45-14:30 CET LINK
Room 2: Problem solving 13:45-14:30 CET LINK
Room 3: Managing own Learning Processes 13:45-14:30 CET LINK


The aim of the LELLE2 International Conference is to share the project results and outcomes, to learn about ongoing educational challenges and the possible ways of the student success in the 21st century and show hands-on experience in order to enable stakeholders to apply the LELLE2 Gateway.

We cordially invite teachers, lecturers, students from secondary and tertiary education, education and training institutes, trainers, training and course developers, HR managers and specialist, entrepreneurs, policy makers, talent managers and those who are interested in how to develop critical thinking, problem solving and managing own learning process skills.