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Kuressaare Gymnasium (KG) is the biggest secondary school on the biggest island of Estonia, Saaremaa, founded in 1978. KG is an educational institution managed by the municipality, where all three school stages – elementary, basic school and gymnasium – function together. There are more than thousand students aged 7 to 18 years in the school, 80 teachers and 5 educational support specialists.
English, German, Russian and Chinese are taught as foreign languages at Kuressaare Gymnasium. In upper grades, students can choose between three study fields:
– arts and social sciences – theatre, debate, media studies;
– science and technology – practical biophysics, chemistry, robotics;
– applied sciences – economy, entrepreneurial studies, Business English, national defence, project studies.
The vision and ideals of Kuressaare Gymnasium have been summarized in three words: FREEDOM; BEAUTY, TRUTH. It means that we try to do our job so that our alumni would strive future life ideals expressed in these words.
KG has an excellent learning environment, its own cosy library, a swimming-pool and a recreation park nearby. Educational support centre Amare provides assistance to students with SEN, hobby school Inspira offers a wide range of recreational activities and training, and educational centre Osilia organises teacher training, adult education training courses, and initiates and conducts various international educational projects.