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Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development of Eszterházy Károly University [Oktatáskutató és Fejlesztő Intézet; EKU(OFI)], is an institution for educational research, development, innovation and professional support with 40 years of experience in the field of education. It provides general and strategic support services for each levels of the educational sector. Its management is strongly committed to improve the efficiency of education and to gain better learning outcomes.
The aim of research and development done by the institution is to renew continuously Hungarian public education, assist its adaptation to current professional and social requirements, support the decision-making process in educational matters as well as accumulate and spread knowledge concerning public education and its social environment. Demands of the society are also to be explored and international contacts of Hungarian public education are to be promoted.
The research and development activities of the EKU(OFI) are focusing on the improvement of the public education, but it is engaged in the improvement of higher education and teacher’s careers as well. The Institute supports educational programming activities. In doing so, it builds on outputs of its own research made on social impacts of policy decisions. It also assists policy makers to make evidence-based decisions. The Institute’s activities include analysis of educational processes and their impacts. It conducts research on classroom procedures that studies activities of key actors in schools (teachers and students) and their interactions.
The Institute’s research-based developmental activities aim to increase the efficiency of school education. Programme and curriculum development activities include the development of new pedagogical and professional methods, educational programmes, textbooks, teaching aids and tools. Societal situation of the youth and its educational opportunities are also analysed, focusing especially on the integration of Roma children and students with special needs.
The Institute also participates in the implementation of educational development programmes, funded by the European Structural Funds of the European Union.