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The predecessor of our school came into being in 1929 with the intention to provide the local Hungarian community with priests, teachers and intellectuals coming from their own circles. It used to function as a seminarium minor until its secularization in 1947.
Marianum was revived in 1994 when the primary classes were opened. The secondary grammar school welcomed its first freshers in 2000, while the youngest have been able to attend our kindergarten since 2001. The three merged in 2005 to form the present Marianum Church School Centre. Currently over 400 pupils are educated here.
At present, there are about 70 secondary students, both Catholics and Calvinists. The school provides general education with specialization in the final year, due to which an average of 95 per cent of our graduates are accepted to the university of their choice, among which we can find several prominent ones.
Although we take great pride in our students’s results – be them in academic competitions, choir singing or acting – we do bear in mind that competition is not paramount in education. The ultimate goal is to form a whole personality and to keep and promote the Hungarian and universal Christian culture.
The Erasmus+ LELLE2 project is surely going to back our ambitions to a great extent.