Web page: http://www.devatgi.ro/hu/

Motto: “The future will resemble the school of today.”(Szentgyörgyi Albert)
“Téglás Gábor” High School was founded in 2005. All the Hungarian classes from the city were placed in the same building. It is a state school, Hungarian being the language of teaching. It has a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school and vocational school as well.
In the 2018-2019 school year we have 477 students, out of which 92 are kindergarten children, 136 are primary school students, 120 are secondary school students, and 129 are high school students. Students from the primary and secondary school are from Deva and from the area, whereas the students from high school come from Hungarian communities that are in different parts of Hunedoara County. Our school is the only Hungarian high school from Hunedoara County. It offers the students of Hungarian nationality 2 kinds of education:

  • Theoretical with Mathematics-Informatics classes and Natural Sciences classes
  • Food Service and Tourism classes
    The teaching staff is made up of 45 teachers and 22 technical and administrative staff.
    The role of the Téglás Gábor Hich School is to interact with the economic, social and cultural environment in order to provide educational services at European standards and to become a genuine educational and cultural center for the community in the region, especially for the Hungarian community.